Freelance Sound Recordist based between London And Cambridge

Professional equipment and attitude for the best sound

Sound Recordist

Production Sound Mixer

Production Audio

Location Sound Recording

Best Sound

Multitrack Recording

Quality Equipment

Documentary Drama Comedy Film TV


Radio Mics

Lav Lavaliere

Using professional audio equipment for the best sound.

Production Audio Mixer

Location Sound Recording








Live Music

Production Sound

My core bag setup is a Boom and 2 Wireless Radio Mics with an 8-channel mixer

With reusable battery power to keep me rolling all day and night anywhere

Timecode also available for a quick sync, saving time and money in post

Voiceovers and ADR

ADR is truly a last resort

With good prep and co-operation on set it won’t be needed

Voiceovers can easily be recorded at my acoustically treated home studio

or I can set up a booth on location with acoustic panels and blankets

Field Recordings

Any soundscape material or sound effects are just a short trip away!

Post Production Editing

For any light fine tuning required

A mix can be done in post to add the sparkle and remove unwanted noise

For anything more than basic I recommend you hire dedicated Sound Designer

Music Recording

Multitrack recordings can easily be made, mixed and mastered

Ideal for live music videos or recording songs for a soundtrack

I have specialist experience in music recording, both live and in the studio

Sound Recordist

Full Clean


Please get in contact with any questions about your project
I’m always friendly and helpful :)


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